Raivill Invent is now Snobole Software

Raivill Invent is now Snobole Software

Harriet Karoki

Dear valued Client,

We are proud to announce that we are changing our brand name and corporate identity from Raivill Invent to Snobole Software. The name change is a result of a rebranding effort designed to mirror the growth and transformation of our company. During all its history, Snobole Software Professionals have been focused on the business of delivering software solutions tailored to the specific needs of many of our esteemed clients. Snobole Software has proved flexible on-demand talent to help you develop software solutions for your business by ensuring fast delivery, flexible pricing, and full-time support to answer any questions that you may have. As a result of this effort, Snobole Software has become an iconic global brand, achieving a leadership position with a wide range of software products.

Nevertheless, our business has undergone a significant transformation in the last few months and we felt it was time for a change. Our new identity has been designed to satisfy all the existing expectations of what our original mark stands for, while simultaneously moving the brand forward to acknowledge the international spirit and the specialization of the entire product range towards software development. In this sense, Snobole Software represents an evolution of our previous experience, origins, and roots. Coming from Raivill, it goes beyond, turning it into a concept that connects our trading genesis with the new challenges ahead of us. In short, by moving from Raivill Invent to Snobole Software, we would like to make a statement to be fully perceived as a specialist software company. Once this change becomes effective, you will start seeing Snobole’s new brand introduced in marketing collaterals, tools, and our stationery system.

Finally, the change of name will not involve any modifications to the nature and idiosyncrasy of the company, nor will it in any way affect existing commercial relations with customers, partners, financial management, contracts, personnel, and/or shareholders.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

We look forward to delivering your new orders with this new branding.

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