A website for an Association of Fintech Startups

The client needed a website for their association of startups. The website needed to have a content management system, payment through Mpesa and Card, a directory listing of members, and the ability for self-registration.

Admin Backend

A custom admin backend was developed for streamlined content administration. Functionality akin to WordPress was implemented, enabling easy posting and sharing of content, including stories, images, and videos.

Paywall Implementation

Paystack integration was executed to activate the paywall feature. Distinction between members (enjoying free access) and non-members (requiring a $6/month subscription) was ensured. Certain articles were designated as free to access.

Events Section

An "Events & Meetings" page was created with RSVP functionality, gathering attendee details like names, phone numbers, emails, companies, and regions. Paywall options were integrated for event RSVPs.

Newsletters Integration

Newsletter subscriptions were linked to the Beehive account. UI updates were made to the backend, incorporating the paywall feature seamlessly.

Membership Form

A membership form was developed to facilitate sign-ups. An email system was set up to receive member requests promptly.

Directory Page

A directory listing showcasing members was established, equipped with search functionality for user convenience.

Social Media Integration

Links/icons to various platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Medium, and Substack were integrated for enhanced social media presence.

Design Enhancement

Website pages were beautified with a dynamic theme focusing on fintech, integrating relevant visuals, colors, and elements to enhance user experience and aesthetic appeal.

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