Website for David Jalenga

David Jalenga

David Jalenga is a renown Sound Recordist from Nairobi, Kenya who has worked with film giants like the BBC.

The problem

After working for a wide range of clients, David accumulated turns of portfolio that he needed to showcase to potential future clients.

Sharing this directly via traditional media was proving challenging for both him and prospective clients. He needed a more organized way to keep track of his work in a more centralized and convenient way.

Additionally, he needed to be able to rank well for most search keywords related to his area of specialization.

A website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon

Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

The Solution

We held several meetings with the client in which he painted a clear picture of what he wanted for his website.

We jotted down several write-ups, plus explored related websites that were ranking better and driving more traffic.

We designed the website with a back-office (Admin Dashboard) for creating and managing content, and a futuristic front end for displaying the content. With the understanding that the client is basically an artist of sorts, we were keen on elegance and simplicity.

we integrated a video player to showcase his video portfolio and a powerful gallery module to showcase his work photos.

We then sat down and created a list of search keywords that he wanted to rank for. Thereafter, we embarked on keyword research and finally implemented SEO.

The Results

Two months down the line, the client had an elegant website, with a custom cms.

Additionally, his website ranks top 2 for most search keywords related to "Sound Recordist in Kenya".

Below are some of the media.