Website for Wild Vision Adventures

Wild Vision Adventures

Wild Vision Adventures is a Safari Company based in Nairobi, Kenya.

This website belongs to the TV documentary cameramen who brought you the Big Cat Diaries.

The client wanted a more modern, responsive, faster, SEO friendly website to help boost traffic and conversions.

The problem

Wild Vision Adventures was looking to revamp its marketing strategy, to get more clients. They factored in a more modern, responsive, faster, SEO friendly website to help boost traffic and conversions.

The client already had a website but it was not delivering for them as they wished.

Ross Samuels, a Marketing Consultant from the Company approached me, and in a few weeks' time, we agreed to work on a new system.

Before you decide to get a website for your business, it is very important to first of all, establish its main purpose. Secondly, every word, every button, every page should be authentic and should count for something. A well thought out and well-built website can be of great value to your business. The opposite is chaos.

Rai Omido, Software Engineer

The Solution

We held several meetups with the client, in which we discussed the various aspects of the project in detail. After a few weeks, we were able to showcase to them the initial design of the Website, which they got to review.

We redesigned the main website a couple of times as they reviewed it until we were able to settle on a final design.

It is during these meetups that we got to create the content for the website.

After the project was completed, We pushed it to a testing server, from which the client got to review the website.

The Results

We used Laravel and VueJs among other technologies and frameworks to build an awesome piece of a web app, with a powerful image gallery, a contact form, an Itinerary booking system, and a blogging system.

Not only that, but we also built a simple custom CMS, with a Role-Based Access Control System that allowed the client to create administrators and to restrict access to different modules according to roles and permissions assigned to each admin.

The website also can be updated through the CMS.

Below are some of the screenshots of the finished Wild Vision Adventures Website.